Where is Coláiste Laichtín?
Situated on Inis Oírr, one of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay. Click here for a Map

What age student attends?
Students ranging in age from 11yrs. – 19 yrs.

Where do students stay?
Students stay in local houses with a bean an tí. Usually there are between 8 & 16 students staying in each house. All houses are approved by the Coláiste and Roinn na Gaeltachta.

Can I bring my mobile phone?
Scoláirí may use mobile phones in the college from 8.00 p.m - 815 p.m.

Can I stay with a friend?
Yes. Small groups may stay together. College authorities make the final decision.

When can parents visit?
Parents usually visit on Sundays. Arrangements can be made with the Coláiste with regards to visits at other times. Parents must come to the college to collect son/daughter and sign them out and sign them in before they depart.

If I have a special diet, can I be accommodated?
Yes. Make all details available to both Coláiste Laichtin and bean an tí.

How much pocket money do I bring with me?
The amount of pocket money varies from student to student.

What happens if I speak Béarla?
All students are expected to speak Gaeilge at all times. It would be completely unfair for any one student or group of students to hinder the learning of others. Any student who persists in speaking Béarla will be dismissed.

Is there a bus available?
There are buses from Dublin, Athlone, Ennis and Galway.

What about the classes?
Students attend classes from Monday to Saturday. Classes are taught by experienced Junior, Leaving Cert & primary teachers. Emphasis is on the spoken Irish.

What about rain gear? 
It is very important that every student should bring suitable waterproof clothing to the College - windcheater, plastic mac or raincoat and headwear.

What about musical instruments? 
Students are encouraged to bring musical instruments. Students gain confidence, they may form a group and it will be beneficial when students participate in Comórtas na dTithe.

Are students responsible for their own laundry? 
Bean an Tí will assist with the laundry.

What should I be concerned about if I have a health problem? 
Please ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. Description of any health problem affecting your child. The address and telephone number where you can be contacted during the course.

Is there a doctor on the island? 
There is a full time doctor and nurse on the island.

Who is responsible for medical expenses? 
Any medical expense that may arise is the student’s responsibility.

If a student is dismissed or fail to take his/her place in Coláiste Laichtín, does he/she get a refund? 
A deposit of €200 is paid to Coláiste Laichtín with the application form. 
Deposit €200 refundable only to those who do not get a place.
The balance to be forwarded to Coláiste Laichtín on receipt of notice prior to commencement of course.
Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to Coláiste Laichtín.
No refund can be made in case of non-completion of course in cases of dismissal from course.

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